60 ltr freshwater tank

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60 ltr freshwater tank Empty 60 ltr freshwater tank

Post  maxi on Sun 08 Nov 2009, 4:05 pm

Having had numerous tanks over the years, all sizes and shapes ! then going marine, and now back to freshwater !! these are the two I have going at present, the 60 ltr has only just been set up using a mature filter, so it will be a few weeks before any more additions. its going to be home to mixed tetras, and cories, or maybe a couple of rams , not sure yet !!

60 ltr freshwater tank 2009_11070003

60 ltr freshwater tank 2009_11070004

also have a iny 25 ltr cube, which is going to change to just minnows and river rocks shortly , having been inspired by the front of the latest PFK mag !!

60 ltr freshwater tank 2009_10170004


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60 ltr freshwater tank Empty River Minnows

Post  juliamar on Tue 10 Nov 2009, 10:44 pm


Hi Maxi, See you are thinking of doing what I've done, River Minnows, in my 98 litre tank. I have white and gold Minnows 10 of each, and one largish Talking Catfish.

Also in process of changing my Marine Tank to a 180 ltre. bow front Juwel. Will post photo's of my tanks two marine, and two tropical, which includes a 400 litre tank, home to Discus and Angels, 10 cory's and a Synadontis Angelicus Catfish.

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